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National RASCOE news can be found on RASCOE Website.

FanKASCOE Officers:

Barry Allen, President

Jeanie Williams, Vice President

Laura Howell, Secretary/Treasurer

2015 FanKASCOE Convention Attendees:

The 2015 FanKASCOE Convention was attended by Back Row: Saralu White, Martha Bazzell, Henry Ford, Emerson Rider, Mary Lou Bohannon, Jeanie Williams, Rodger Swatzell.

Front Row: Janice Sweet, Susan DeWitt-Champion, Laura Howell, Joyce Logsdon.

Not pictured but attending the luncheon were Twyla Frasier, Wes Frasier, Robert Donoho, and Mary Lou's guest Darrell. 

FanKASCOE Membership Form

(Dues Year begins July 1.)


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