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July 2022 - Eastern Kentucky Flooding
Recovery Resources

Submit resources to for publication to this listing.  


Kentucky FSA employee's home, property damaged by flooding

A member of the Kentucky FSA family was impacted by the devastating damage of recent Eastern Kentucky floods.

Kendra Moore, temporary intermittent PT in the Jackson Service Center, waded thru waist-deep water with her children to evacuate their home. Her home and personal property sustained considerable damage.

For those who would like to assist Kendra's family, she has permitted KASCOE to share her family's PayPal account so that monetary assistance can be sent directly to them:
(displays username Tony Fugate)

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Dozens of people have lost their lives. Thousands of families have lost everything and many people across the region are now struggling for access to shelter, food, and water. Main Streets and entire downtowns are underwater. We’ve lost entire farms and small businesses that feed and anchor our communities.

  • Venmo: @appalachianky
  • Text: Text Flood to 80100 to give $10, which will be charged to your phone bill
  • Mail: Send or drop off a check or cash to: 420 Main Street Hazard, KY 41701. Write “Crisis Aid” on your check
  • Or give through the website linked above


Kentucky Farm Bureau has re-launched its KFB for Kentucky Relief Fund to aid the families and communities affected by the recent flooding. This special account is used to give people a trusted way to financially support those in need through the coming weeks and months of disaster recovery.

KFB is collecting funds through the Kentucky Farm Bureau Education Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

How Can You Help?

So many individuals, businesses, and more here in Kentucky and across the nation are looking for ways to help those impacted by the devastating flooding in eastern Kentucky that has claimed many lives.

Kentucky Sports Radio (KSR) and the Kentucky Chamber Foundation are partnering to build a relief fund for our fellow Kentuckians to ensure they are able to rebuild.

With the money raised in this fund, our two groups will be working with local communities, local chambers, as well as our state and local elected officials to ensure the needs of these areas are met in the wake of tragedy.

The Kentucky Chamber Foundation, Inc., is a Section 501(c)(3) public charity and donations to it are generally eligible for tax deduction in the United States.

KSR and the Kentucky Chamber are committed to helping rebuild our communities and we appreciate your help and the overwhelming compassion and generosity of so many.

Help Isom IGA Recover after Historic Flooding

"It’s a scene of unimaginable disaster. This proud rural community of 1,365 people in Letcher County saw homes destroyed, local businesses filled with mud and debris, and the only grocery store for miles around, Isom IGA, was left devastated after being submerged under six feet of muddy water. The people of Isom lost not only their homes, belongings, and livelihoods, but also their access to fresh food and water."

Help with this effort by visiting the designated: GOFUNDME PAGE

Hazard/Perry County Volunteer Form


As of Monday, August 1st, we are asking any out-of-area volunteers who cannot return home in the same day to wait for an opportunity. Right now we have no way to house you.

Please bring your own water as we currently do not have running water in the county.

This page is only for volunteers.

If you are BRINGING WATER please contact Bailey Richards at 513-312-8631.

If you are BRINGING ANY OTHER ITEMS please text or call Hannah Hall at 606-438-4541

Links to Charitable Organizations / Disaster Response Groups 

Joe and Kelly Craft have pledged to match up to $1.5 million for donations made to the Appalachian Crisis Aid Fund. 

Proceeds from the sale of T-shirts are being donated to flood relief. 

Proceeds from the sale of T-shirts are being donated to flood relief.


Proceeds from the sale of T-shirts are being donated to flood relief.  Organized effort centered in Nashville to direct supplies and financial assistance to eastern Kentucky.

ARH Foundation Flood Relief Fund

Breathitt County Disaster Response - Facebook Page

Aspire Appalachia has a comprehensive list of local needs pinned to their Facebook page.  

The July 31 version of that post has been copied below for those not on Facebook, but you can visit their current post updated regularly on Facebook at this link:

Updated at 9:00 p.m. on July 31, 2022.



Our people are hurting. Another, much more devastating flood has ravaged Breathitt County and the greater region of Appalachian Kentucky. Families have lost everything, with no place to go, some for a second time. If you are interested in helping or are someone in need, please refer to the information in this post pinned at the top of our page. This post will be updated daily, so refer back frequently for more and new information.



Cleaning supplies, toiletries, and water may be donated at the following locations:

First Church of God

1772 KY HWY 30 West

Jackson, KY 41339

Breathitt County Hunger Alliance

Panbowl Community Center

1537 HWY 1812 North

Jackson, KY 41339

Jackson City School

940 Highland Avenue

Jackson, KY 41339

Vancleve Fire Dept.

5439 KY 15

Jackson, KY 41339

Tractor-trailers may donate supplies at the following location:

Breathitt County Retread Center

260 KY HWY 30 West

Jackson, KY 41339

Cleaning supplies, clothing, non-perishable food items, and water may be delivered to the following location:

United Methodist Mountain Mission

950 KY HWY 30

Jackson, KY 41339

Wolfcoal Volunteer Fire Department

16 KY HWY 1933, 

Wolf Coal, KY 41339


HWY 30 E: 150 Combs Family Cemetery Road, Jackson, KY 41339

QUICKSAND: Jackson Church of God on Quicksand Road

Open 10 AM - 5 PM

VANCLEVE: Fire Department

Open 9 AM - 10 PM


Volunteers should report to Jamie Mullins-Smith. Contact her at 1-(606) 233-3502. 

The address for the volunteer coordination center is 3834 Hwy 15 South, Jackson, KY 41339.

FREE FOOD AND WATER dates and locations:

August 1st, 2022-


1462 HWY 15 N

Jackson, Ky 41349

August 5, 2022-

London Texas Roadhouse - Time TBD

Car wash on KY HWY 15, Jackson, KY 41339


Aspire Appalachia

PO Box 1255

Jackson, Kentucky 41339

Via donation button on this post or via PayPal at If you donate via PayPal be sure to indicate your donation is for July 2022 flood relief.


DUMP SITE - 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Located in the vacant area just past Walmart on HWY 15 in Jackson. Please dump things as far back in the area as possible.

Informational resources can be found at; this site will eventually be used for federal assistance.

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