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KASCOE Awards Program


The Spirit of KASCOE Award recognizes a member who has made outstanding contributions to the State Association. Any member may submit a nomination. The Executive Committee makes final selection of the award recipient.

HOW TO NOMINATE: Spirit of KASCOE Award nominations shall be in a brief narrative format, and addressed and delivered to a member of the Executive Committee, consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer. Written nominations may be submitted by email, mail, or in person.

NASCOE Awards Programs

KASCOE encourages in-state nominations for the following NASCOE Awards Programs.  

  • Service to NASCOE

  • Service to FSA-Agriculture

  • Community Service

This Program encourages recognition of NASCOE members who make outstanding contributions in the Areas of: NASCOE; FSA-Agriculture; or Community Service. Nominations for these awards are competitive. Area winners are selected from winning State entries and the National winner in each category is selected from Area winner. NASCOE members may nominate another member serving under a permanent appointment.

HOW TO NOMINATE: Online nominations only. Visit NASCOE's website for more information.


Certificates are awarded at the State level for hours of sick leave accumulated. Plaques are awarded to permanent employees who are NASCOE members accruing a large number of sick leave hours.

  • 1,000 hrs.
  • 1,500 hrs.
  • 2,000 hrs.
  • 2,500 hrs.
  • 3,000 hrs.

HOW TO NOMINATE: Contact Awards Chairperson to submit an application for your own Sick Leave accumulation or you can nominate another member. There is no time schedule for these awards. They can be submitted any time throughout the year for an employee serving under a permanent appointment. Documentation does not have to be submitted with the Award Form, but it may be requested at the discretion of the Awards Committee Chairman.

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