KASCOE - Kentucky Association of FSA County Office Employees
Sick Leave - Extra Mile - Professional Improvement Award Application/Nomination

Employees reaching Sick Leave milestones are encouraged to submit their own Award application through this form; however, supervisors and/or timekeepers are also encouraged to monitor and submit nominations.  

Select and/or describe the member's accomplishment.  Examples include:
  • 1,000 hrs. accumulated Sick Leave
  • 1,500 hrs. accumulated Sick Leave
  • 2,000 hrs. accumulated Sick Leave
  • 2,500 hrs. accumulated Sick Leave
  • 3,000 hrs. accumulated Sick Leave
  • ## Hrs. Professional Improvement courses in [topic] through [educational institution].
  • Describe the Extra Mile accomplishment of the member or member's child.

Name of Nominee:

Service Center
Award Type
For Professional Improvment and Extra Mile Awards, please describe the nominee's accomplishment here:
Submitted by: (Can be self, another member, timekeeper, supervisor, etc.)

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